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Staff ‘wellbeing’ is a key driver in our approach and Capital Support Services encourage our employees to engage and participate in Community Projects. We commit to our employees to provide paid leave to support such CSR initiatives.

  • Employee relations: good practices, training and development opportunities and paying a fair wage (LLW / NLW)
  • Environmental Polices: upholding and committing to our Environment Statement, and ISO 14001
  • Diversity Policies: providing equality for all, in our workforce and all stakeholders
  • Ethical: doing the right thing, maintaining high standards and creating a culture based on trust and transparency. Confident that the businesses we work with adhere to same policy.
  • Community investment: the way we can work with the local community and make a real impact
  • Charitable activities: playing a responsible part in society and giving back to society, fund raising and other types of donation

We engage with our employees to propose a local community groups that they have an interest in, and discuss how we could offer support.