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Brexit Statement

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Brexit Statement

Brexit will be the biggest change to the UK’s economic and trading arrangements in many, many years.  The current plan is a deadline has been set for 31 October 2019 , but what that separation will look like in practice is yet to be agreed.

Businesses need information to help them plan, but this information has not arrived yet. In the meantime, we will look at the potential impacts, and build robust and agile strategies so to be prepared for a number of possible outcomes.

We feel the best way of handling Brexit now, is to ensure we are talking about it, and understanding the relevance to our organisation, employees and customers.

Importantly, we are in close dialogue with our network of key Suppliers to ensure continuity of service and supply. We have also initiated a review of our internal policies and processes to strengthen as appropriate. Steps have been taken to mitigate any potential risks concerning EU citizenship of any members of our team.  As a company we are well versed with changes and are confident in the skill and expertise of our administrative staff and their understanding of any changes necessitated following Brexit.

What is a certainty, is that we will prepare as best we can, and then get on with delivering excellent service to you, our client.


Abdel Tighlit

CEO and Founder


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